“About Beethoven – Roaring Silence”
Concert with violin, cello, piano & reading

An actor reads letters, memories from – about – of Beethoven.

A fortissimo-accord and three piano-strings are destroyed. The first orchestra-interlude in his forth piano-concert and two chandeliers shoot through the air. A heated verbal exchange in a restaurant and the plate with its goulash lands in the waiter’s face. No, it is not about a rockstar, nor a rowdy or a brute. Beethoven‚ himself is behind all this. The list of his exceptional actions is ludicrous …

Is this how a character expresses himself? Is it the panic of his inner narrowness? Of the more and more haunting silence in his ears? And: Is someone like this even able to love? What is it based on when in his letters to his „undying beloved one“, bursts out of him so fiery-love-stricken: “My angel, my everything, my me”?
We break deeper into the roaring silence of Beethoven. We literally feel how he pours buckets full of water over his head until even his neighbour living underneath him receives an involuntary shower. “About Beethoven” guides through letters, recordings and memories from, to and about Beethoven and his music into the titan’s contradicting universe.

Key Data

Tetiana Lutsyk, Violin
Friedrich Kleinhapl, Cello
Andreas Woyke, Piano
Heidrun Maya Hagn & Friedrich Kleinhapl Text

Changing reciters. Among others with Julia Stemberger and Wolfram Berger

Duration: 80 Minutes (can be kept shorter by request)

Program: Cello-Sonatas and Piano-Trios by Ludwig van Beethoven, letters from – about – to Beethoven

Sound Samples

Artists: Friedrich Kleinhapl, Cello
Andreas Woyke, Piano
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven

      Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier op.5 Nr. 1 – 2. Satz
      Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier op.69 Nr. 2 – 3. Satz
      Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier op.96 Nr. 3 – 2. Satz