“About Chopin”
Concert with (Violin), Cello, Piano & Reading

Dialogue between Frederic Chopin and George Sand.

“You are admired. George“- George Sand writes these words on a note and has it handed over to him – the introverted dandy, the trendsetter in Parisian fashion and the delicate pianist Frédéric. She knows that she will conquer him, even if he doesn’t seem to like her at first. At first, he only sees in her the cigar-smoking female salon lion in men’s clothes. But the look in her eyes captivates him. His aversion soon turns into love, but her love soon led to the care case of a sickly, life-struggling genius – a piano virtuoso who panics concerts. After all, his appearances are so rare that he has to be told by his arch-rival Franz List: “You create the miracle of being famous in camera.”

George Sand, the prolific writer, is much more like this “fairground Hercules disguised as an art prince“ Franz List than the sensitive, ailing Poland. She receives him, takes care of him, her little one, her “chip chip“ like one of her children.

In the end, this connection between two geniuses cannot last. But the time of their love is the most intense creative phase of their lives for both of them.

Key data

Friedrich Kleinhapl, Cello
Andreas Woyke, Piano
Yevgeny Chepovetsky, Violin
Heidrun Maya Hagn, Text & Dramaturgy

Changing reciters. Among others with Mercedes Echerer, Andrea Eckert, Wolfram Berger and Alexander Lutz.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Program: Cello sonatas and piano trios by Frederic Chopin & reading

Music: Frédédric Chopin

Impromptu Fantasy for piano solo
Trio for piano, violin and violoncello in D minor op.8
Sonata for violoncello and piano op.65
“Hulanka” arranged for violin and piano
Sonata for violoncello and piano No. 2 in D major op.58
“Zyczenie” arranged for violin and piano op. 65