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CDs von und mit Cellist Friedrich Kleinhapl

„For comparison, we listened to several recordings: Casals, Rostropovich, Starker, Ma as well as younger ones like Gastinel… With no other recording, we have sensed this unconfined gratification except with Kleinhapl and Woyke because these interpretations simply prevail – the musical sense, the expression, the balance and the sound as well. Masters were at work!” Remy Franck (Pizzicato).

In favor of expressivity, Friedrich Kleinhapl records all CDs with Andreas Woyke in form of concerts. His partner of many years in doing so is the German CD label ARS production. „Friedrich Kleinhapl now delivers a highly impressive pleading for the persistently underestimated Rota which creeps under the skin from the first to the last beat… His magnificent cello tone suffers, moans and complains because with him, everything is soaked thoroughly through with fundamental emotions and intensity of life. This is how he puts us – with his powerful, coarse, chiseled tone – under the spell of an electrifying story-teller who prefers the essential, the uncomfortable and real to every embellishment.” Attila Csampai (Stereoplay Magazine)
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Videos von und mit Cellist Friedrich Kleinhapl

Friedrich Kleinhapl überrascht seine Zuhörer auch beim klassischen Repertoire mit seinen eigenständigen Interpretationen, in denen es immer viel Freiraum für den Moment, für Spontaneität gibt, sodass seine Musik in jedem Augenblick bei jedem Konzert entsteht – immer wieder neu, immer wieder anders. Abseits vom Mainstream ist der Cellist offen für neue Kompositionen, liebt es Ungewohntes mit Altbekanntem zu verbinden.

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