“About Mendelssohn”
Concert with (violin), cello, piano & Reading

Dialogue between Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

“What your pupil is already doing now may behave towards Mozart at that time like the trained language of an adult to the babbling of a child.” A verbal derailment of an unrealistic teacher colleague? No, Goethe in the original. And the rankings of the coming decades will prove him right: around 1845 Mendelssohn will be the composer’s star, proclaimed the “Savior of the English music world.”
But two people watch him from his own shadow.

Both are highly gifted, both have the caliber to shake the throne “his venerable musical majesty.”
Does he see it as a danger? Is he trying to keep one of the two – his sister Fanny – under its spell? He loves her hot. And yet …

The other is waiting for the right moment. Before that, he ingratiated himself with his arch rival and tried to become part of his Olympus. But then he takes a crushing blow – with the full force of his ambition and reluctance – Richard Wagner!

In “About Mendelssohn”, Felix and Fanny meet in the afterlife and speak for the first time about the many open questions in their lives.

Key data

Tetiana Lutsyk, o.a. Violin
Friedrich Kleinhapl, Cello
Andreas Woyke, Piano
Heidrun Maya Hagn, Text & Dramaturgy

Changing reciters. Among others with Julia Stemberger and Wolfram Berger.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Program: Cello sonatas and piano trios by Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn


Artists: Friedrich Kleinhapl, Cello
Andreas Woyke, Piano
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn

      Lieder ohne Worte op.30 Venetianisches Gondellied
      Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier Nr. 2 D-Dur
      Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier Nr.1 B-Dur