Art for all the senses

In these art projects it is as if the music is outgrowing itself. It assembles itself into an overall experience through language, dance and light, building new bridges to far distant worlds. What is then created are fascination and energy, which unintentionally take possession of anyone.

Friedrich Kleinhapl develops and designs art projects together with his wife Heidrun Maya Hagn. “Pasión Tango – the dance” – e.g. danced by Maria Yakovleva and Richard Szabo from the Wiener Staatsballet, choreographed by Christian Tichy or the composer series “About Brahms”, “About Mendelssohn” and others. a. The dialogues written by Heidrun Maya Hagn between Brahms and his housekeeper Mrs. Truxa or between Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn etc. are read by actors such as Peter Simonischek, Cornelius Obonya or Elisabeth Orth, while Friedrich Kleinhapl and Andreas Woyke play duos and trios with musician friends.

Literary Musical Projects

As if Beethoven, Brahms & Co would awake back to life! So intimate, so personal and far from any cliché are the stories which partly tell humorous and partly serious things out of the composers’ lives. Through their music one ultimately immerses into this fascinating universe.

In the musical literary projects “About Beethoven”, “About Brahms” etc., well-known actors read dialogues, letters, memories from and about great composers from Beethoven to Piazzolla. The background and connections that come to light not only transport the musicians, who play movements from sonatas and trios by these composers, into a completely new, unimagined cosmos, but also the audience. The effect is enormous.

Discover our striking music stories:

Pasión Tango

The bow hurls over the strings, the fingers rush over the keys, the dancers spin throughout the stage – everything expresses tension, South America’s passion – the passion of Tango which one hardly can escape from!

Experience Pasión Tango in 3 variations:

The Tango originated in the slums of Buenos Aires as pure expression of passion, erotica and violence, rejected by the upper class, forbidden by the Emperor and Pope. But despite all protests and efforts to stop it: it takes Paris, Europe and the whole world by storm.
Pasión Tango with its energy ties in with the Tango’s original power – unadorned and unpolished, but also in its expressive art-form of the “Tango Nuevo” by Astor Piazzolla.

Friedrich Gulda and Dmitri Shostakovich – two characters, as different as two diametrically opposed planets. But yet there is an invisible connection, turning them into soul mates: their ironical, sometimes even sarcastic humor. One of them needs it to survive Stalin’s terror, the other acts it out to lean up against the social rigidity. Playfully they let humor slip in their music, willfully sliding into irony, preferably to lift off into sarkasm. One lives it out to revolte against the establishment, the other shortly will be hit by Stalins thunderbolts.

Gulda meets Shostakovich »